CSR & Charity

Lending A Helping Hand

At ST GROUP, we deeply believe in our duty toward the betterment of society. From that core, the group commits to not only paying Zakat but going beyond that to build mosques, supply food to the vulnerable during Ramadan and donate to trusted organizations such as the Red Crescent. The group also extends help to individuals in the local community who need financing in areas such as education, medical needs, and housing.

ST Group believes in serving the local community for its wellbeing. ST Group as a policy pays Zakat and supply food in various shelters during Ramadan, supports organizations such as Red Crescent and Musada to private individuals of the local community who comes in need of help for education, medical and housing.

Sultan Grand Mosque

In July 2017, Sultan Grand Mosque ceremoniously opened its doors to the public, serving as a spiritual center for the RAK community. With its stunning design and rich history, the mosque has become a beloved spiritual center for the region’s residents.

In addition to Sultan Grand Mosque, ST GROUP is proud to partially maintain two mosques and a burial ground, further cementing its commitment to supporting and preserving the Islamic faith. The group recognizes the importance of these sacred places and strives to ensure they are maintained to the highest standards.

ST GROUP’s dedication to charitable causes is reflected in its ownership of a building in Sharjah solely dedicated to funding charitable initiatives. The income generated from this establishment is thoughtfully directed towards various charitable causes, making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

Overall, the ST Group’s unwavering devotion to supporting Islamic culture and charitable initiatives serves as a testament to its commitment to making a positive impact on society.